About Us

Our innovative platform and efficient team ensure holistic management of the entire Layby process, eliminating risks for the customer and merchant, providing easy payment solutions for customers and relieving merchants of administration tasks.

**Elayby is a responsible and convenient way for customers to purchase products.

No credit checks are required and customers can make payments via EFT or at any one of our 12 000 pay points nationwide.

Elayby is a low cost, innovative and seamless electronic solution which enables merchants to offer their customers and provides the option to purchase via Layby.

Layby is an age-old method of payment which requires the customer to pay in advance for goods/services, via regular instalments. The customer receives the product once it is fully paid for.

Established in 2016, Elayby has reinvented this Layby practice for the 21st century; providing a safe, easy to use electronic platform to enhance and simplify the Layby method for both merchants and customers.